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Raw Edits: Making Events In Sydney More Memorable

Are you looking for a professional event photographer Sydney to capture the most unforgettable moments at your event? Raw Edits is here to help you. With our expertise in event photography Sydney, we ensure that your event is captured as smoothly as possible. From private to corporate events, we can create a collection of high-quality and professional photos that will surely meet your needs – whether for promotional purposes or as personal keepsakes. 

We specialise in Sydney event photography at competitive prices. We can cover all types of celebrations and gatherings, including the following:

  • New venue openings
  • Annual conferences
  • Exhibitions
  • Corporate events
  • Wedding anniversaries
  • Engagements
  • Surprise parties
  • Portraits
  • Modeling and fashion events
  • Family photoshoots

With Raw Edits, our goal is to make your event more memorable and represent it in the best way possible through our photos. As professional event photographers Sydney, you can simply enjoy your party and we’ll work quietly in the background, applying our creativity to capture it the best way we can. 

General Event Photography Services

With our general event photography services, you can expect the following

  • High-Resolution Images: You will receive all the images from your event in high resolution. We do not sell per image since you hired us for your event. 
  • Fast Turnaround: There’s no need to wait long periods of time to receive your images. We will deliver your stunning photos immediately. 
  • Professional Photographer: Are you having a formal event or a funky party? Our photographers will arrive in proper attire suited for your event. They will also be friendly, fun, and approachable to make it more comfortable for you and your guests. 
  • Processing and Editing: We will work on your images before we can deliver them to you. This will ensure consistency and quality in all our photos. 
  • Copyright: You have every right to use the images from your event in any way you want, whether for social media, press releases, or marketing. You will receive personal or commercial copyright with your images. 

Corporate Event Photography- Telling Your Story In Your Way

For us, no event or client is the same. A corporate gathering will have very different photography needs compared to a relaxed birthday party. A family photoshoot will be different from a fast-paced event like a concert. So to meet your particular needs and requirements, we will work closely with you from start to finish. We will also use your ideas, theme, and overall expectations to ensure that you are provided with the best possible imagery. 

Here at Raw Edits, you are in charge. From the message you want to convey to what your images should look like, you will have the last say. While our style is minimal and contemporary, the story you want to say will ultimately guide the way we shoot. This is about your event and your story, and we are simply here to take your vision to life.

Professional Event Photographers in Sydney

Other than being experts in wedding photography, our team specializes in a wide range of events as well. As storytellers by heart (and profession), our photographers can anticipate important moments before they happen and capture them swiftly in the most creative way possible. Since special moments can last only for a second, we consider this our edge as event photographers. So if you choose us, we guarantee, all highlights from your event will be documented. We are also professional party photographers Sydney, so if you’re looking for the right team to capture your next party, look no further than Raw Edits.

The Raw Edits team of professional photographers is dedicated and passionate as well. Each one of us has a desire to capture the highest quality photos for every client. Additionally, we make sure that our equipment can keep up with the event we will cover. We only use top-of-the-line gears and keep them properly maintained. Looking for a Sydney event photographer? Get in touch now.

If you need a skilled, experienced, and dedicated team that’s fully equipped to provide you with professional photos from your event, choose Raw Edits. We are based in Sydney and we can travel anywhere in the greater city area. Contact us today and we will tailor a creative and all-inclusive package just for you. 

Drone Photography Services for Your Event

Aside from being professional event photographers, we also offer drone photography and videography in Sydney. This can make your photos and videos more interesting and powerful. Plus, it allows you to see your event from a different perspective. If you have taken the time and effort in choosing a beautiful venue with a breathtaking view, our drones can help you capture it in its entirety. Additionally, our drone photography and videography services can also be very beneficial for businesses who want to take their event to the next level. 

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Make your event more memorable with Raw Edits. Our team of professional photographers can capture the highlights of your event as well as the quiet beautiful moments. We can also provide you tailored packages that are suited to your specific event and requirements. Call us today to know more about our general event photography services at 0413-915-950. Or you can fill-in the form below to receive a quote for FREE.

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