Everything You Should Know About Wedding Drone Photography

Drone photography is the process of capturing still images and videos through a remotely-operated or autonomous unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), commonly referred to as a drone. It provides a fresh and unique perspective to any subject – it gives a glimpse of something still and how it relates to its bigger surrounding.

In more recent years, drone photography has gained popularity and has quickly become the new photography trend among people who want to have their photos taken from a different perspective. For momentous events, especially weddings, having your photos and videos taken from an overhead perspective adds a creative touch to your wedding album and videos. 

Are you thinking of getting drone photography for your upcoming wedding? Raw Edit’s has you covered. With our state of the art drone and photography equipment, we can help you rise above the conventional and give your wedding the lasting memory and charm that it deserves. With so many amazing options that you can choose from, we can tailor fit a package that will perfectly align with your requirements. 

Having your wedding photographed with a drone is a big decision and one that requires a careful decision making process. We’ve rounded out some of the things you should know about wedding drone photography and the things that are important to us as professional wedding drone photographers:

  1. Safety is the number one priority

As with everything, the safety of everyone is and should always be the utmost priority. You wouldn’t want to have any incidents or injuries, whether drone-related or not to happen anytime, much less during your wedding. Drone technicians or flyers, who aren’t properly trained can cause potential harm to you and your wedding guests.

With our highly skilled and certified team, you can be sure that safety is a topmost priority. We invest in certifications and training sessions to make sure our staff are delivering the best possible drone service for you while putting your safety first. 

As the leading wedding drone photography provider in Sydney, we take pride in taking images from angles that would not be possible from ground level, while maintaining safety standards in the process. 

  1. Local rules and regulations

Flying a drone is legal in Australia, but like everything else, it is governed by specific rules. Blatant disregard of these rules will not just dampen your dream drone shot, it will also get you in trouble. 

Making sure that everyone is familiar with the applicable rules and regulations for each area will make the day a breeze for everyone involved. All wedding suppliers, specifically drone wedding photographers are aware of these regulations and should always, at all time, make it a point to abide by them.

  1. Captures the entirety of the day without interference 

Weddings are busy occasions, it’s rare that you will find some downtime. A photographer who takes photos from the ground level sometimes has to work his way up a certain area because of the crowd. Having a drone fly overhead and take photos and videos from an angle with no interference and distractions… that sounds fantastic.

Having a drone at your wedding also gives you the opportunity to be in touch with your venue and the surroundings. Being able to see an image of the entire wedding venue, complete with the wedding party, the guests, the decorations will give you a creative and unique perspective that can retell your wedding day story in a creative and compelling way.

  1. Weather could be a hindering factor 

We all wish for the weather to be nice and cooperative during weddings, but we must admit that sometimes, Mother Nature decides to go on another course, and sometimes, without any notice. 

Wedding drone photography works well with sunny weather but does not mix well with rain and strong winds. If your wedding is set to happen when there is very little to no chance of strong rains and winds, wedding drone photography may just very well be the cherry on top of your already amazing wedding.

In conclusion, getting a drone for your wedding, and a skilled and certified one at that, can only add glitter and personality to your already magical occasion. That dream drone shot you saw on Pinterest will set your wedding photos apart from the usual set of wedding photographs.

Your wedding is wonderful, all points already lead to that. You’ve taken care of every element and worked out all the details with unbelievably amazing precision – how about getting a wedding drone photography to showcase just that?

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