Modelling & Fashion Videography

Bring a seasonal collection to life through fashion videography. While fashion photography will always be a timeless medium, video takes the story to a whole new, emotive level. It morphs the delivery, from imagination into realisation, as the audience can see the garment styling move, fall and energise the model.

Our fashion videography Sydney team will sit with you to discuss your editorial needs. We work with small, boutique brands through to internationally, loved fashion icons – for product releases, new season lines, and fashion shows.

For your next campaign, introduce modelling videography into your brand’s creative with your visuals. Make a greater impact through mixed media promotions, blending imagery and video.

Tasteful close-ups of gorgeous people showcasing incredible stylings, paired with striking shots and music as the emotive backdrop to inspire and instil dreams… with the experienced Raw Edits videographers guiding your fresh, creative direction.

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