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Professional Real Estate Drone Photography

As a real estate firm or individual agent, the first impression you make will definitely last. To make it even harder, you only get one chance to leave an impression. And this is through the property’s photos that you post online. However, since more and more people have short attention spans, higher visual expectations, and limited time, they tend to leave a listing with a photo that doesn’t interest them. Here’s where Raw Edits can help you. 

We offer real estate photography services that can make your listings stand out. We can help you capture potential buyers’ attention and encourage them to know more. Thus, making your chances of making a sale higher. 

The Power of Professional Images and Dynamic Videos in Real Estate

As you already know, selling properties is a people business. What you are selling is the lifestyle and the vision. So to make a sale, you have to tap into your buyer’s emotions. This is the power of using high-quality photos and dynamic videos from Raw Edits. Other than that, images and videos from professionals are important in real estate due to the following reasons:

  • More online views: According to Redfin, properties shot by professionals get 61% more views online. 
  • More trust from sellers: According to the National Association of Realtors, 73% of sellers are more likely to trust their homes to agents who use videos in their marketing. 
  • Higher selling price: Listings that are marketed with professional photos have a higher perceived value. They are also said to sell for more money. 
  • More likely to sell: According to Redfin, listings with professionally taken photos are more likely to get sold compared to those with “point and shoot” photos. 

So if you are a real estate agent or an individual who is privately selling their home, let Raw Edits help you. We have worked with many real estate companies across the great Sydney area and we would love to work with you too. Together, let’s create compelling visual assets for your marketing needs.

Drone Real Estate Photography and Videography Services in Sydney

Now to make it even better, Raw Edits offer drone services for your real estate needs as well. We can shoot the home from the sky and provide you and your potential buyers a new perspective. Our drones can capture the entirety of the property you are selling, giving your consumers a clearer picture of what their new life can be like. If your selling point is the surrounding woods, neighborhood, or the water feature close to it, then our real estate drone photos and videos can help you greatly. 

Also, our aerial real estate drone photography and videography can help sell a listing faster. Since you can show a consumer the entire property, including the aerial views, they are highly likely to see it in person. Investing in aerial real estate photos also shows how dedicated you are as a realtor as you’ve taken the extra step to spend more for your buyers to see a different perspective of the home. Thus, giving you an advantage in such a competitive business.

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Photos and videos that are taken by professionals, especially when added with our amazing drone shots, can give you an edge among the MLS crowd, sellers, and buyers. Adding our real estate photography and videography services to your marketing campaign also gives you a more professional look. It can attract more clients to your business as well. As a result, you can sell the property faster.

While professional photos and videos can add to your cost, its effectiveness and advantages are more than enough to pay for itself later on. So if you’re ready to get started with your marketing content, give us a call at 0413-915-950. Or you may fill-up the form below and send us a message to receive a free quote. 

Why Choose Raw Edits?

Looking for a professional property photographer in Sydney? Here at Raw Edits, our main goal is to make you look good – and this includes the property you are selling. Using our years of experience in shooting real estate properties, you can trust us to capture a home in its best possible look. This is why you should choose us for your real estate drone video – we know what it takes to make better first impressions and catch people’s attention. 

Our hybrid videographers and photographers (who, by the way, are also experienced and certified in flying drones) will work closely with you to take your marketing to another level. We will make sure that your photos and videos create more impact and can tell the story you want to share. If you’re looking for drone footage Sydney, contact us today- we will gladly look after you.

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