Realestate Photography

To command the desired sale price, high-end imagery brings the right potential buyers through open house doors. It tells a story, not just of the house but the location. Through quality photography and real estate videography, people can connect with the lifestyle… because selling a house is an emotional purchase. 

Raw Edits’ real estate photography Sydney team is easy to work with. Send us an address and we’ll visit the location to complete all the visual assets, so it’s pre-sale ready. Agents and individuals selling homes always know what they’ll get with us. 

Modern, minimalist shots and clean edits. 

Nothing off-kilter or unrealistic. No over-saturations. Just a clean, gorgeous representation of the house, as well as the location surrounding it. 

Working alongside builders and architects, we know exactly what you need. Partner with our property photographer Sydney team. We travel to residential and commercial properties across the Sydney metro. 

We just need an address. 

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