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Your wedding day is one of the biggest milestones you will experience as a couple. It is during this time that you will exchange your vows, your rings, and say your “I Do’s”. It is also this time when you will promise to spend a lifetime with each other. Indeed, this is a beautiful chapter of your love story and we would love to help you tell it through our imagery and cinematic wedding drone videography. 

At Raw Edits, we aim to help craft your unique narrative in your wedding photos and videos in Sydney. We will use your theme, ideas, and the story you both share as inspiration while we are shooting. This is to make sure that the photos and videos you will receive are an extension of your wedding day and love story – photos that can bring out your emotions and connection every time you look back at them. 

Celebrate your big day with Raw Edits and let us tell (and re-tell) your love story through tasteful and creative visual representations of you two, uniting as one. 

Your Trusted Wedding Drone Photographers in Sydney

Looking for a pre wedding photography in Sydney? Raw Edits offers full-service wedding photography in Sydney. We guarantee to be with you throughout the entire day, from the preparation to the ceremony until your final guest leaves the reception. The day begins with your pre wedding photos in Sydney. We will start shooting at both houses, making sure to get those amazing shots of you and your partner preparing for your big day. We will also be there when you do funny poses with your groomsmen and bridal party.

During your ceremony, you can trust us to stay ready and alert for all the heartfelt moments you will share as a couple – all while making sure to get some of your guests’ beautiful reactions too. As professional photographers who have been doing weddings for years, we know where to stay for the best shots and how to take it. So if you are looking for a wedding photographer in Sydney, you can count on us to capture all the highlights, big moments, and sweet quiet gestures at your big day.

Drone Photography and Videography Services for Your Wedding

At Raw Edits, we also offer drone wedding photography services for your once in a lifetime. With our team of skilled and certified experts, you can expect spectacular and breathtaking videos and photos taken from the sky, giving them more impact and making them more memorable. 

There are no limits when it comes to shooting videos and photos with a drone, especially with our team of hybrid photographers and videographers. A drone can allow you to see your ceremony, set up, and wedding destination from hundreds of feet above, giving you an entirely different perspective. This then adds a bit of drama and more life to your wedding film and album. 

The good news is, our videographers are experienced in flying drones and this is a service we often include in our creative process. Talk to us to learn more about our drone photography and videography services and see how beautiful your wedding is from every angle. Looking for an experienced wedding photographer in Sydney? Contact the team at Raw Edits today.

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Your wedding day is a day filled with beautiful moments spent not only with your soon-to-be spouse but also with your family and friends. However, these precious moments happen in a blink of an eye and they can be over before you know it. But with Raw Edits, we can capture these moments and make them last a lifetime. Just call us at 0413-915-950 to schedule a meeting or fill-in the form below to receive your FREE quote today.

Raw Edits - Your Sydney Wedding Videography Experts

Raw Edits has been doing wedding photography in Sydney for many years now, making sure couples receive only the highest quality photos and videos possible. We have provided many married couples with timeless memories from their big days, helping them remember such important moments in their lives. And we hope we can do that for you too. 

We use only state-of-the-art equipment that is regularly maintained in all our projects. Since we have been doing this for years, we make sure that our gear is complete before going to our client’s location. On top of that, we bring backups of our backups so we can be ready in case of mishaps during your big day. When you need a professional wedding photographer in Sydney, you can trust Raw Edits to look after you every step of the way.

But more than our gear, the best asset of our company is our people. Our team consists of talented and passionate individuals who have the knowledge and skills in wedding videography and photography. They are certified and experienced in flying drones as well. So if you are looking to be unique and want that dramatic, new perspective for your imagery and videos, trust your wedding experts in Sydney – Raw Edits!

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